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Which Books Did Columbia County Schools Actually Purchase?

The Columbia County Board of Education has published the lists of books its schools can use for supplementary readings. I've compiled them into one list. In my Open Records Request, I asked for records related to:

  • Purchases of books from the approved lists of 2010, 2012 and 2019

  • The use of books from this list in actual classrooms

I only received purchase records, which I've compiled into one document.

I've created a Google Spreadsheet summarizing the purchase records. The spreadsheet also has links to public libraries in Georgia from which you can borrow copies (hint, hint).

I don't value Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird as much as most do. The only text by a 20th century Black American is Octavia Butler's Kindred. However, of the 1,771 books purchased, only 30 copies of Kindred were purchased.

Many of these books are excellent. Just as important as book selection is what the teachers and students bring to the study of thee books. And these records don't reveal that.

I do believe Nic Stone's Dear Martin could have filled a gap.

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